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With the rapid growth of Social Media, simple yet effective communication with customers is vital to understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your brand. Customer centric companies that listen and respond to customers thrive; they increase customer loyalty and market share and are more profitable. PerformaLogics can help you do this with an affordable, highly intelligent yet simple to use program.


How it Works

  1. Customer conducts their business with your organization
  2. Customer is invited to provide their feedback.
    (PerformaLogics uses a wide range of technologies such as QR codes, smartphones, the web and more, to instantly gather customer experience intelligence.)
  3. Feedback is immediately sent to company.
  4. Customer issues are identified and alerts are sent to the manager.
    (We do not just collect the intelligence, PerformaLogics’ proprietary systems identify missed customer opportunities and alert managers to these issues so they can be resolved before the customer turns to social media to criticize and potentially damage your brand.)
  5. Issue is resolved. Customer happy!
  6. Manager logs into system to view issues and trends and is provided with advice on how to improve.
    (PerformaLogics systems are so efficient that customers can provide feedback, and you can be alerted to any issues before they even leave the business. You can choose to receive feedback as it is received and you can immediately view intelligent analysis through our on line reporting tools. )
  7. Business improves performance, customers are more loyal and become promoters of the business. Profitability and market share increases.


  • Improved brand image
  • Improved customer loyalty
  • Stronger growth
  • Increased bottom line

PerformaLogics can help your business understand the strength of your customer loyalty, a key factor in growth. We can identify which customers promote your brand, are ambivalent to it or who actively persuade others not to purchase from you.


Our advantages:

Technology and Reporting

PerformaLogics’ systems go one step further. Rather than just regurgitating data back to clients, our systems analyze the data and provides clear and easy to understand intelligence to the right people within your organization. In addition, PerformaLogics’ system tracks performance relative to specific objectives and goals and analyzes and interprets the data before providing issue specific actionable recommendations on how to improve or to reach these goals. That’s right, PerformaLogics’ systems can provide you with advice on how to improve.

Many other mystery shopping companies use “off the shelf” or “canned” software and as such, they cannot customize to meet the needs of an individual client or project as they have no control over how the systems operate or report. PerformaLogics uses our own proprietary system. This means we have full control over how it works and can customize our programs to meet your objectives.

While other companies only show you industry standard charting and reporting, we provide the ability to analyze the results and to recommend actionable steps that can be taken to improve your businesses’ performance. Highlights of our reporting systems include:

  • Real time analysis, interpretation of data along with recommendations on how to improve.
  • Measure Key Performance Indicators and client established goals in real time, at all levels of the organization
  • Instant email or text message alerts of critical issues.
  • Unlimited reporting options.
  • Interactive analytics.
  • Custom alerts and dashboards.
  • Access information on desktop, tablet or mobile devices.
  • Customized System Access. Each user can be given full access or limited access pertaining only to reports that specifically affect them.
    (e.g. store level access for store managers or access to a specific district for district managers)

In addition, PerformaLogics’ proprietary mobile apps for shoppers and clients ensures immediate and accurate intelligence is delivered to you when and where you need it. Contact us for a demonstration of our intelligence software.


Whether you are a single location operator, hundreds of locations nationwide or thousands of locations worldwide, PerformaLogics has solutions for your business. Our experience with many small and large businesses combined with our technology allows us to develop, deliver and execute programs at significantly less cost than traditional customer feedback companies.


Contact us for a quote and for a no obligation assessment of your businesses.

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