Fraud Alert

Although there are many reputable mystery shopping companies across North America, there are a few individuals that try to take advantage of this industry and target potential new mystery shoppers with a cheque cashing scam. How the scam works:

  • 1. The scammer runs an ad posing as a mystery shopping recruiter or sends information to you about mystery shopping. Included is a cheque, forms to fill out, instructions and other possible information.
  • 2. The scammers ask you to deposit the cheque. These funds are supposed to be used to complete a mystery shop.
  • 3. You are asked to complete a mystery shop at a money transfer location where you are to wire the most of the funds back to the mystery shopping company whilst evaluating customer service at the location.
  • 4. You keep some of the funds for completing the assignment.

The problem is that the cheque is fake; it bounces after the shopper has wired the funds back to the scammer. This leaves the victim out of pocket for the amount of the transfer.

If you have received one of these cheques:

  • 1. DO NOT CASH IT!
  • 2. Take the cheque and all other materials to your local police station. If you have cashed the cheque DO NOT WIRE THE FUNDS OR YOU WILL BE OUT OF POCKET ONCE THE CHEQUE BOUNCES.
  • 3. File a police report. If the person claims to be from PerformaLogics have that police department contact PerformaLogics for a Calgary Police case number that has been opened. They should call: Fraud Prevention Dept at 403.291.5645.

How to Find A Reputable Mystery Shopping Company:

There are many legitimate mystery shopping companies out there. Here is how you find them:

  • Get the name, phone number and website address of the company you want to work with before you send them any personal information.
  • Verify the company’s information against credible organizations:
  • Using the contact information provided by the Better Business Bureau or the Mystery Shoppers Providers Association websites, call the mystery shopping company and verify that they are legitimate and find out how to apply. Most often you need to go to an application on the website.

Mystery shopping is a great way to make an extra few dollars on your own time and many businesses use these programs to measure customer service levels. We hope this guide helps you find mystery shopping companies like us who are reputable.

Remember: If it’s too good to be true, it probably is!

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