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PerformaLogics is an industry leader in Mystery Shopping and Field Data Collection

PerformaLogics Inc. is a Canadian and US Mystery shopping provider. We provide Canadian Mystery shopping services in all Provinces and Territories as well as in all US states and Territories. PerformaLogics has many tens of thousands of shoppers in Canada and the US with the extended capacity to work in Europe and South America.

As a US Mystery Shopping Provider we can provide programs in English and Spanish, and as a Canadian mystery shopping provider we work in both English and French. PerformaLogics can also work in other languages as needed (Portuguese, Italian etc. for special projects).



PerformaLogics manages large-scale projects with ease.

PerformaLogics services clients across the globe are conducting many thousands of site visits each month. Through our extensive network of mystery shoppers and innovative recruiting and retention programs, PerformaLogics is able to reach locations that many providers cannot. PerformaLogics has developed a group of highly loyal shoppers through our innovative mystery shopper recruiting and retention programs.


Hiring and Training

From the initial hiring to working on your project, PerformaLogics' agents are required to successfully complete a seven-step assessment and training process that ensures that they are qualified to perform the assignments according to the client’s objectives AND record accurate results. PerformaLogics’ secret shopping agents not only do the right things, they do things right; essential for the success of any program.


Data Integrity & Quality Assurance

When was the last time your provider scientifically validated their mystery shop or field data?

Most mystery shopping companies either do not or cannot check their mystery shopping results, or, at best, they perform “spot checks” by eye balling results quickly.

PerformaLogics realizes that this is inadequate. Many of our clients use their mystery shopping data to provide incentives for good results or apply sanctions when company standards are not met. As such, "eye balling" or "spot checking" data is sub-standard and risky.

PerformaLogics, on the other hand, uses proper multi-stage, complex, custom built statistical models to identify potential issues in real time. This allows PerformaLogics to investigate immediately and validate the data or take corrective actions. We ensure that you can count on the intelligence we provide.


100% Visit Validation

Every site visit is verified with GPS smartphone tracking and copies of receipts (as appropriate) to guarantee every visit was made.


No Outsourcing

PerformaLogics only uses our own personnel to manage your projects; no third parties, no sub-contacting. From field managers to report editors, PerformaLogics has all the necessary resources to handle projects of any size in multiple languages.


Technology and Reporting

PerformaLogics’ systems go one step further.

Rather than just regurgitating data back to clients, our systems analyze the data and provide clear and easy to understand intelligence to the right people within your organization. In addition, PerformaLogics’ system tracks performance relative to specific objectives and goals and analyzes and interprets the data before providing issue specific actionable recommendations on how to improve or to reach these goals. That’s right, PerformaLogics’ systems can provide you with advice on how to improve.

Many other mystery shopping companies use “off the shelf” or “canned” software and as such, they cannot customize to meet the needs of an individual client or project as they have no control over how the systems operate or report. PerformaLogics uses our own proprietary system. This means we have full control over how it works and can customize our programs to meet your objectives.

While other companies only show you industry standard charting and reporting, we provide the ability to analyze the results and to recommend actionable steps that can be taken to improve your businesses’ performance. Highlights of our reporting systems include:

  • Real time analysis, interpretation of data along with recommendations on how to improve
  • Measure Key Performance Indicators and client established goals in real time, at all levels of the organization
  • Instant email or text message alerts of critical issues
  • Unlimited reporting options
  • Interactive analytics
  • Custom alerts and dashboards
  • Access information on desktop, tablet or mobile devices
  • Customized System Access. Each user can be given full access or limited access pertaining only to reports that specifically affect them (e.g. store level access for store managers or access to a specific district for district managers).

In addition, PerformaLogics’ proprietary mobile apps, for shoppers and clients, ensure immediate and accurate intelligence is delivered to you when and where you need it.

Contact us for a demonstration of our intelligence software.


Project Management

PerformaLogics has superior project management capabilities.

PerformaLogics provides simple to use support desk and communications tools designed to provide clients with easy access to project support. Through the web portal, clients can challenge shops, request support, add or remove locations etc.


Contact us to find out how PerformaLogics can provide your organization with a sound and cost effective business intelligence or research program.

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