Mystery Shopping

PerformaLogics services clients across the globe are conducting many thousands of site visits each month. Through our extensive network of shoppers and innovative recruiting and retention programs, PerformaLogics is able to reach locations that many providers cannot. PerformaLogics has developed a group of highly loyal shoppers through our innovative shopper recruiting and retention programs.

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Customer Experience Management / Feedback

With the rapid growth of Social Media, simple yet effective communication with customers is vital to understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your brand. Customer centric companies that listen and respond to customers thrive; they increase customer loyalty and market share and are more profitable. PerformaLogics can help you do this with an affordable, highly intelligent yet simple to use program.

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Competitive Intelligence

Many businesses understand the need to measure key performance indicators within their business operations in order to assess if they are meeting their objectives or not. In today’s technological climate, many successful businesses realize that they also need to understand what their competitors are doing if they want to stay ahead in the marketplace. PerformaLogics has the capacity and experience to gather key information on your competitors. Successful businesses need to know:

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Market Research / Intelligence

PerformaLogics has an extensive market research background. Through PerformaLogics' research network, we are able to deploy detailed research projects in a timely and cost efficient manner. We are also able to provide web-based access to market research data and provide insightful and actionable research reports that are easy to access and extract. From consumer research (such as Net Promoter Score loyalty index, brand awareness, brand positioning and more) to employee surveys and business to consumer research, PerformaLogics has the tools and experience to provide clear insights and actionable reports to drive your business forward.

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MobilForce: Field Mobile Reporting and Data Management Solutions

In today’s technological climate, businesses have so much data they simply do not know what to do with it. Site visit reports, safety inspections, food-safety compliance, audits and the list goes on. Many companies, however, do not use this information to its fullest advantage.

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